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Can I Earn Money selling Ginger Two Products

Now it’s easier than ever before for you to build a successful home business and become part of the Ginger Two team.

You need no experience to be a Ginger Two party agent, just a love of beautiful wooden home accessories and lots of enthusiasm. No sales targets to meet, you decide how much you do and when you do it. As part of the Ginger Two party agent team we will be there to support you, answer all your questions.

How can I grow my Ginger Two party agent business?

There are lots of opportunities to sell, including home parties with friends and neighbours, playgroups, fetes and craft fairs. You decide on the how you want to grow your business; the list of opportunities is endless!

What can I expect to earn?

How much do you want to earn?

There is no cap on your earnings, it’s unlimited. Right from the start you will earn 22% on everything you sell.

How to get started?

For under £100 you can start your Ginger Two Party Agent business. When you join the team you will receive sample products, stationery, A3 party presenter and training support to get you on your way.

If you would like more information on working with Ginger Two, contact us today.

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