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Hi there!
We’re really glad we found you!

We hope you love our funky products as much as we do and that your shopping experience is both fun and easy.

We don’t want to hold you back from enjoying our website but we feel it our duty to give you some background stuff first.

As parents of 2 boisterous and gorgeous children (Jessica aged 5 years and Harry aged 2 years) we were becoming bored of repetitious ‘high street’ and ‘mail order’ kids products and also acutely aware of value for money VS appeal to our offspring and so GINGER TWO was born!

Today, as parents, grandparents or simply as friends, we need to be conscious of cost as well as have fun with our homes both for children and grown-ups which is why we felt it would be a crime not to include some ‘lovelies’ for the 18+ customers……enter BIG GINGER- a range of home accessories focusing on good use of materials, colour and design. Perfect gift ideas or simply something for you and yours.

At GINGER TWO you will find beautiful and affordable ranges of products, many of which are hand-made and hand-painted (indicated where applicable) and above all, you should enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.
Don’t miss out on anything as we are constantly adding more gorgeous things to our range (please click on ‘new products’) and we will tell you where you can come and see us (please click on ‘see us at’)

We would love to meet you and look forward to you shopping with us.


Jane and Mark Stayman